About john Carli

John’s work in public service for the City of Vacaville spans the last three decades, since 1989.  He began his commitment to our community as an officer, succeeding to the highest wrung in City management. As boots on the ground, John protected the fabric of what makes our hometown truly great. As John evolved through middle management to the highest of Vacaville’s city leadership since 2003, he has been a trusted, diplomatic leader who has been able to bring insightful solutions through some of the most trying times Vacaville has ever seen.

As police Chief, John directed a department of over 200 employees while managing an annual budget of $42 million. During times of crises such as wildfires, layoffs, crime outbreaks, and the pandemic, John was the collaborative, uniting leader who brought forth solutions that protected our community, working with outside agencies to ensure long term safety solutions our town needs.  He is proud to have served with the women and men of the Vacaville Police Department, as they not only strived to ensure the public safety needs of our community, but to also contribute to our city as one of the many public safety officers who call Vacaville their home.

As Mayor, John believes communication and dialogue are vital between those who are elected and the folks they mean to serve.  Safety — he believes ensuring our safety needs are of the utmost importance to sustain the highest quality of life.  Partnerships – John is a visionary uniter who understands that collegial relationships are key to a thriving city. Trust – he knows that the public trust must be mended. John believes that the people of Vacaville need to be certain that our city council not only works, but also works for them.  

John Carli is running for mayor not only because our community has been grappling with significant fiscal challenges, homelessness, growth, and economic development, but because he understands the secret of what makes Vacaville so endearing – why it’s more than just a town on a map.  Vacaville is a “feeling” of home every person gets when they’ve been here even just a short time, or if they’ve been raised here their whole lives. John and his wife, Joanne raised a family in our hometown and continue to call Vacaville home, this very day.  The Carli’s want to preserve that “hometown feeling” for Vacavillians now, and in the future.  Odds are, that if you have had the opportunity to meet John and Joanne throughout the years, you are considered family to the Carli’s – which is why the city of Vacaville is family to them.  Their faith is deeply embedded in this community, and there’s no chance you will walk by this duo without a friendly greeting from either of them.    

John Carli is the leader we have always had and the only mayoral candidate who is ready to take on the helm– with no learning curve, beginning on Day 1. If you see him out and about, be ready for a friendly smile and a chat.


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